Profanity Policy

IPMCkart prohibits the use of language that is racist, hateful, sexual or obscene in nature in a public area. This policy extends to text within listings, on pages and all other areas of the site that another User may view.

    Please report any violations of this policy to the correct area for review:
  • Report offensive Display Names
  • Report offensive language in a listing or otherwise

If a feedback comment; or any communication made between Users on the Website; or email communication between Users in relation to transactions conducted on Website contain profanity, please review Our feedback removal policy and submit a request for action/removal. Disciplinary action may result in the indefinite suspension of a User's account, temporary suspension, or a formal warning.IPMCkart will consider the circumstances of an alleged policy violation and the user's trading records before taking action.

    Violations of this policy may result in a range of actions, including:
  • Limits placed on account privileges;
  • Loss of special status;
  • Account suspension.


Returns Policy

'Return' is defined as the action of giving back the item purchased by the Buyer to the Seller on the IPMCkart website.

    Following situations may arise:
  • Item was defective
  • Item was damaged during the Shipping
  • Products was / were missing
  • Wrong item was sent by us

Return could also result in refund of money in most of the cases.We encourage the Buyer to review the listing before making the purchase decision. In case Buyer orders a wrong item, Buyer shall not be entitled to any return/refund. Buyer need to raise the refund request within 10 days from the date of payment realization. Once Buyer has raised a return request by contacting us on Our Phone Number: +233 302 226 830 / 90. If the product being returned is not in accordance with the above parameters, then Buyer shall not be entitled to any refund of money from the Seller. Shipping cost for returning the product shall be borne and incurred by the Seller.


Replacement Policy

Replacement is the action or process of replacing something in place of another. A Buyer can request for replacement whenever he is not happy with the item, reason being damaged in shipping, Defective item, Item(s) missing, wrong item shipped. Buyer need to raise the replacement request within 10 days from the date of delivery of products. Once Buyer has raised a replacement request by contacting us on the Toll Free Number provided on the Website. Once the replacement request has been raised, the following steps shall be followed:

Buyer is asked for "Reason for Return". Among others, the following are the leading reasons:

  • Shipping was damaged
  • Item was defective
  • Item Dead on Arrival
  • Item(s) were missing
  • Wrong item sent

In case IPMCkartaccepts the replacement request, Buyer shall be required to return the product to IPMCkart and only after return of the product, IPMCkartshall be obliged to provide the replacement product to the Buyer. All shipping and other replacement charges shall be borne and incurred by IPMCkart.


Disputes (Resolutions) Policy

Generally, transactions are conducted smoothly on IPMCkart.


Email Abuse & Threat Policy

IPMCkart encourages its Users to be professional, courteous and respectful when communicating by email. However, IPMCkart will investigate and can take action on certain types of unwanted emails that violate IPMCkart policies.